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Abstract Guidelines Abstracts Due:
June 30
(26 days left)

IMPORTANT: Distribution A for abstracts is highly encouraged, but not required. All other abstracts must display appropriate dissemination controls. Improperly marked abstracts may require resubmittal.

The highest allowable classification level is CUI. We cannot accommodate CTI, NO FORN, or NO EXPORT in abstracts.

For guidance on marking CUI documents see the guidance on

Technical Presentations Presentations Due:
September 13

Abstracts for technical presentations are being solicited in the following High-End Computing (HEC) tracks:
NOTE: Presentations up to and including SECRET are allowable.


Presentations on advances to the following disciplines as applied to DoD challenges.

  • Computational Electromagnetics & Acoustics (CEA)
  • Computational Chemistry & Materials (CCM)
  • Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM)
  • Climate / Weather / Ocean Modeling (CWO)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Opportunities, Challenges, & Successes

Presentations detailing opportunities in HPC, overcoming challenges, and impactful success stories.

  • Incorporation of GPUs / Accelerators into Physics-based Codes
  • Container Implementation and/or Deployment
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Advances
  • Real-Time Data Harvesting
  • Big Data / Visualization
  • Test & Evaluation

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  • NOTICE! Abstracts must follow the guidelines stated at the top of this page!
  • If copy/pasting your abstract, please review for unusual characters before submitting.
  • Please reference the HPCMP systems and software used, as applicable, and any previous work, if relevant.
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